Monday, August 4, 2014

Logging off for a while...


I met with my Oncologist today who finally returned from vacation.

The bad news just DOESN'T STOP!!

My prognosis changed today due to the last CT scan and the rapid progression of this deadly melanoma. Dr. Bryce informed me that I have days to a few months left here with you all. He also said I could expect much less because of the concern of having a stroke, throwing a clot or dying while sleeping this week due to kidney failure or brain tumor. It is so uncertain. 

My kidneys are not working well anymore, I have a fair amount of edema and I am in pain. The pain can be controlled with drugs but it doesn't address the issue that my body is completely riddled with cancer in every organ. The drugs also cause their own issues.

I want you to know I am not giving up. I want you to know I can be positive AND realistic about my future at the same time. I also am overwhelmed with the number of invitations for lunches and dinners. I appreciate you reaching out and offering support along with trying to help in any way possible. Ill do my best to respond to all your messages but please know I have limited time and energy now. I need to focus these precious hours on Erin and my family.

Project Kindness WILL GO ON. I practice EVERYDAY. Will you?
I will continue coaching as long as I am able at CrossFit North Scottsdale.
I will be more quiet on Facebook and may update my blog as needed.

Thank you for understanding. Jason & Erin Fine


  1. Thank you for being so human and an inspiration.

  2. You have had and will continue to have a positive impact on this world and any other you may occupy. I believe you will prevail no matter what the outcome. Much love to you and Erin. - Rob Sklenar

  3. May you and your family continue to find a place of grace from which to deal with your struggles. The world should be a better place because of our being here. You have made this world a much brighter place. Thank you for sharing your struggles in such a human , honest and humble perspective. We hold you and your family up in prayer each evening. May you have a gentle journey and whast ever time you have left be filled with light and love. With love and admiration Brenda Hines

  4. I am sure that you get many people offering advice to you. I went to high school with Jason. My wife battled and beat breast cancer in 2012. During that time, we met many people whose life cancer has touched. During a long flight to the south pacific, my wife's mother met a man that survived stage 4 cancer (not sure of the type but it had a very small survival rate) and who the Mayo Clinic gave no hope of survival to. He went to Reno Nevada to the Reno Integrative Medical Center... Through very little chemo and no radiation and unconventional methods, he is cancer free. Please at least look into it quickly. Stay strong

  5. You are in my thoughts, my prayers and my heart. You were so kind to me back in the day during "that time" and it still makes my heart grateful when I think about it. You have remained that kind, loving person all these years. I am sending you lots & lots of love my long time friend. ~kelly

  6. Hi Jason, the next time you blog, I hope that you will give us good news.praying for you

  7. Thinking of you both! Praying for strength and positive energy.



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