Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 7 update of my Cancer War

We are in a holding pattern. I have completed my first dose of Yervoy and had a Gamma knife (radiation) procedure to the old tumor site in my brain. Symptoms are not too bad with either treatment (slight disorientation visually, headaches, and stomach upset some, but nothing that is too terrible at the moment. I am still working as much as I can and Erin and I are enjoying life .

Now we wait it out to see how aggressive my cancer is. My Dr. wants to measure how fast it is growing...if it is growing and where. Scary. We always hope for the best and will fight whatever my body does to itself. We want to remain NED (no existing disease) and have the Yervoy do its job on my immune system. Fight!

I am eating an alkaline based plant diet rich in antioxidants. I am supplementing some extra vitamin C & D along with turmeric and cannabis oil.  These have had good results as cancer cell growth inhibitors. Who knows but they cant hurt me.  

Until June 11th, my next treatment, our daily goal is to appreciate more and experience everything possible. It is a strange feeling to think "THIS COULD BE THE LAST TIME YOU DO THIS." I thought that while in Vegas this weekend with Erin. We did have a blast and loved every minute of being together.

P.S. - CrossFit North Scottsdale, CrossFit Infinite Strength & 1 other CrossFit Box to be named are holding a WOD CRAWL June 21st in my honor. More information will be posted ASAP!

Best to you and thank you for reading.
Much Love
Jason & Erin Fine

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