Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 21 - Heading for more news with my sister

We are off  to Tucson, AZ today to interview Dr. Canmer, a medical Oncologist with the University of Arizona Cancer Center. This guy comes highly recommended from my sister's Oncologist at the Mayo in Minnesota. Lets see what tricks he has up his sleeve.

It is day 21, just 3 short weeks since initial diagnosis (at the time stage 3b melanoma cancer, then 3 days later to be discovered also in my brain, making it stage 4) of malignant melanoma. The rarest and most deadly skin cancer there is. The odds are terrible for beating this past 5 years and little shows past 10, but we must remain hopeful that they are ale to hold this cancer back somehow. They are "close" to finding a cure. It could happen. We are strong and will not give up!

How is it 2 siblings can get this type of cancer and BOTH Stage 4? Genetics.

It was shocking enough to learn 18 months ago my sister Robyn was diagnosed in a very similar style. He cancer started in her shoulder as a mole in 2009. They removed everything (they thought) and it came back in 2012 as a lump in her armpit and chest. Her cancer has returned multiple times and also progressed to brain tumors (5 in all) over the next 18 months. So we are both now classified with stage 4 melanoma cancer. Not something we ever would have cared to share. But in many ways it can give us strength to share. I am learning through her journey to appreciate EVERYDAY because the unknown is just that. The doom & gloom of melanoma, this silent killer, is just too much to contemplate on a daily basis. I went from the model of health to having a terminal disease in weeks...and never knew it. As I said before, I never missed a skin check or bad mole.

Todays Positives
I am so grateful for my amazing friends and family (this includes all the people who donated to my medical fund who I haven't even met yet).
I love my wife and do not take ANYTHING for granted anymore.
Have cried more in the past 3 weeks than my entire life. Yes, this can be positive.
My sister visiting from MN and sharing her story and knowledge.
I got back to coaching some classes and feel good!
Worked out...well did 20 min on a bike at low intensity.
My view of the world is changing as my window potentially shuts.
My staples are out. I am sleeping better.
I stayed out of the rabbit hole for 95% of yesterday.
Making a bucket list ASAP! What to do? Where to go? Do you drop everything and go? Think about it.

Thank you for caring. Jason & Erin

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